The lessons you need to master your marketing. Content marketing course for small business owners. Sade Sailors Academy. Teachable course for content marketing. Marketing for female entrepreneurs.
When it comes to marketing, you've heard a ton of tips. Now, you can learn what really works when it comes to content marketing. Tried and true methods. How to market your business with a low budget.
I want to grow my audience but dont know where to start. Creating content is overwhelming. I want to advertise my business but I don't have any money. Marketing is overwhelming. How to build my brand.
Efficient Content Marketing for small business owners.
Brand and content strategy. Customer segmentation. content planning and creation. marketing automation and distribution
Sade Sailors- Female Marketing Coach and Consultant

About the Instructor

Sade Sailors is a marketing strategist, advertising nerd and efficiency advocate with a heart for helping small businesses establish effective marketing & business strategy.

She fell in love with the advertising world during her first internship working with brands like CocaCola and GlaxoSmithKline. She later acquired an MBA in Luxury Brand Management from the Paris School of Business where she got to learn from some of the world's most prestigious luxury companies.

With all the knowledge gleaned from the luxury world and her experience managing multiple marketing campaigns, Sade has a singular goal of equipping female entrepreneurs with the tools they need to experience massive success with their brands.